If under any circumstance you were to meet with an accident, the following are the procedures you should follow:

Step 1: NO Shifting, Take PHOTO:

Try not to shift all cars involved first, and take as many photos at the scene. (Take photos of the other party’s damage with the vehicle number clearly seen)

Step2: Exchange PARTICULARS

Exchange particulars with all drivers involved. (Eg. NRIC, Driving Licence, Contact Details, Vehicle Number)

Step 3: CALL US, 81821895, 81260383 (24hrs)
  • Call us @ 81821895/81260383 (24hrs) to inform us. (We will arrange towing service if needed.)
  • We will guide you along with how to make a report with your insurer.
  • If there is any injury or damage to public property, call the Police immediately
Step 4: DOCUMENTS: Prepare the following documents for accident reporting:
  • Driver I/C (Photocopy of front and back)
  • Driver Driving Licence (Photocopy of front and back)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Owner I/C (Photocopy of front and back)
  • MC (if any)
  • Medical Bills/Receipt (if any)
  • Police Report (if any)
  • Vehicle Log Card (if any)
Step 5: MEET US:

Visit us, we will analyse your case and guide you along the necessary procedures to file your accident report.

If the parties of the accident have come to a consensus to settle the issue privately without involving an insurance claim, you can also download the following form for both parties to fill and sign for a Private Settlement

Click here to download or view the form for Private Settlement.