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Automotive Servicing,
Maintenance & Repair

Every car that comes to us for servicing goes through our Real 26 Vehicle Checks system where we thoroughly inspect almost every component of your car, making sure it is road worthy and safe.

With every servicing, your records will be data-based and customers will receive a printed report of what has been checked and done together with the servicing. Customers can request for their records to be pulled out whenever a situation requires (e.g. when you are selling your car). We will also send out service reminders via SMS on the 5th month after your last date of service.

A valued-added service brought to you from us @ Auto 101 !

Automotive AirCon Service, Maintenance, & Repair

At Auto 101, our team of highly qualified mechanics will ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained top-notched all the time! Keep your air-con cool and clean with us! From cabin filters, system flushes and gas refills to condenser servicing, motor replacements and leak checks and seals, we've got it all to keep your cabin nice and cool!

Accident Repair & Claim

Meeting with an accident and handling an insurance claim can be extremely frustrating and troubling. As an experienced motor workshop dealing with accident repairs and claims for 9 years and counting, our experienced staff are able to handle your accident cases leaving you with a peace of mind.

What to do and NOT do in an accident

Vehicle Suspensions

A vehicle’s suspension is a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels and allows relative motion between the two.

A proper functioning suspension keeps the wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible to ensure good traction.

From Shock Absorbers to Springs, Coilovers or Mountings, our experienced technicians will always be ready to diagnose, rectify, and solve any creaking or clunking sounds your suspensions may have.

Vehicle Brakes

Keeping your car brakes in tip top condition and regularly having your brakes checked as part of your routine car servicing maintenance is important to ensure you, your passengers and other road user’s safety.

Our highly trained mechanics will check your brakes to ensure that your Brake Pads, Brake Discs, hoses and fluids are functioning and safe for you and your family.

Automotive batteries

As an authorised seller of Bosch products, we carry a full range of battery models for the right application to your vehicle model.

Auto 101’s emergency response team 24-hour crew car battery breakdown assistance service changes your car battery onsite to make sure you don't get stranded on the road.

Simply call our hotline at 81821895/81260383 (24-Hour Hotline) for a fuss-free battery replacement service

In-Car Entertainment Systems

Faulty radio or blown speakers? Looking for an upgrade? Nothing fazes our team of technicians here at Auto 101. From Head Units to Amplifiers and Subwoofers, nothing we can’t handle.

Automotive Accessories

From Body kits, ICE systems to Car Cameras and Auto Folding Mirrors, nothing will faze our team of professionals. At Auto 101, we believe in quick, lasting, neat and presentable work. We will spare nothing to provide the best service in all your systems and accessories installation needs.

Vehicle Camera Systems

Our experience with accident repairs and claims recognises the importance of having in-car camera systems

Blackvue, being one of the most advanced and top brands among car camera systems, we are proud to have them as our partner. Auto 101 will assure owners to get the most suitable system that meets their needs.

Spray Painting & Panel Beating

From scratches to heavy damage, our repair specialists have worked on over thousands cars with accident damage and restored them back to their original condition. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and the European products we used in performing the paint work.

Insurance Renewals

Motor insurance is required as a prior condition to owning a car. At Auto 101, we get the work done for you. Subjected to individual cases, Auto 101 would source through an extensive range of products to propose the best suitable insurance policy for you

A renewal of your motor insurance will be required before the annual renewal of your road tax. Save the hassle of doing your research, and let us do it for you. We provide a range of flexible quotations through various insurance renewal products to ensure that we provide you the best coverage yet affordable product for you